Ready for the Ha Ha & Other Satires

Jane Mayhall


Oh dog, oh doggy mind! the cosmic hordes are rising,
oh cur, self-righteous seer of an age.
Let speech be passed away, and whines our only song,
beyond, oh blazing panels of the atom.
Oh cult of ignorance, be borne of what we know;
ironic as the dawn of Judgement Day.
–from Period Piece, a play by Jane Mayhall

"Stories, plays and poems indicting opportunists and touts,...simple, concise...wastes not a word...utter delight...."
Long Beach Register

ISBN 0-87130-014-1


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Design by Edith McKeon; Printed by The Stinehour Press; Bound by The Russell-Rutter Company.

102 pages, 9 1/4 x 5 3/4 inches

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