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The journal Dance Index was founded by Lincoln Kirstein in 1942. Over the following seven years, 56 issues were published, presenting original scholarship on a wide range of dance subjects. In the spirit of its predecessor, the new Dance Index examines the multi-dimensional richness and diversity of the world of dance. Its intention is to surprise and excite a general audience with a new level of understanding and appreciation of the real and critical importance of dance in contemporary culture. 

New Issue

Land of a Thousand Dances

By Luc Sante

Introduction by Darryl Pinckney

DANCE INDEX, Volume 11

No. 2 Fall 2020

ISBN: 978-0-87130-087-4

28 pages, 21 illustrations


Soul Train was a syndicated American television show broadcast, mostly on Saturdays during daylight hours, from a soundstage in Los Angeles from October 2, 1971, to March 26, 2006. It was created and produced by Don Cornelius, who also hosted the first 734 episodes (out of a total 1,117). It was, in essence, a teenage dance-party show, a genre that had many iterations over the years but was long epitomized by American Bandstand (1952–89). The difference between Soul Train and its predecessors was that its producer/host, cast, crew, and target audience—even its chief advertisers—were African American. This, of course, was not an incidental detail. Soul Train was a product and expression of black pride, born at a time of increasing African American economic as well as cultural self-determination.

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